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Hello everyone! I'm Greta and I'm 23 years old. I live in Tennessee in the USA. I'm formerly known as dollspit. This is my new journal. I am a fan of the devotchkas, so this is why I am here. My favorite song would have to be "Pseudo Personality".

Also, I am still interested in making a devotchkas forum outside of livejournal, anyone interested in helping me out? If so, Let me know. Thanks!
Mark Ryden

Devotchkas Forum

If there's not a The Devotchkas forum, I'm interested in making a Devotchkas forum. If you are interested in helping me out with the forum, Leave your email address in a reply to this comment and I'll email you. Thanks! :)

Is there a Devotchkas forum around somewhere? If so, Let me know the link. Thanks!

Yes, I am aware that this community serves as a forum as well. I'm talking about an actual forum, for those that aren't on LJ or whatever.
honey bane

lady punk

One of the reasons why i strongly support(ed) the devotchkas is because of their involvement in the punk scene being all women. There aren't enough girls these days in punk bands or willing to put their foot forward and start something. For every one girl you can name in a punk band there's probably 30 guys. There might very weel be lots of local female punk bands but ti would be nice to see more of them earn a name for themsselves.

Currently i am in a band that's basically going nowhere. I play drums (i could sing if needed) and would be more than happy to find other people/girls looking to be in a band that live in the boston area or really like traveling.

-thanks, Leann
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