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I'm new

I fucking love the devotchkas. i heard about them on the punkcore records cd. from then on i've been in love with them. the other bands i love consist of the sex pistols, oxymoron, the clash, the ramones, the casualties, collide, mushroomhead, distillers, dead kennedys, misfits, and other stuff. i have shitload of pictures of the devotchks- and i have a few sites you might be interested in. i'll give them to the right person- i read somewhere as to who to give them to. i'll get around to it. i also noticed that people posted their fav. song- i guess i'll do that too. that's a hard desision to make.,my fav. for live fast... die young is psuedo personality, because even if it's simple on the guitar, it's fun as hell to play, and the lyrics are amazing. and for "annihilation", oi toy cuz that songs the best.
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