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The Devotchkas
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Hey kiddies. This is a community for The Devotchkas. All about the fuckin awesome chicks that make the best fucking music.

These are the only rules, just abide by them.
1) This community is about the Devotchkas, keep it that way.
2) Don't start the punk battles (EXAMPLE: that's not punk! this is punk!), cause it's bullshit. You'll piss everyone off & get banned.
3) Do not, again, DO NOT ask for people to add you in your posts. This isn't an add me community, this is about the devotchkas, keep it that way. If you post it anyway, I'll probably delete it. It's annoying, & not related to the devotchkas.
4) Have fun, or some shit like that.

If you know of a good Devotchka's site email me, I'll add it on here as soon as I can.

If you have any problems with the communtiy (people, bad facts etc) email me, but don't spam me, you'll piss me off.

Current Moderators: soggyxdreams & uh_huh

The Devotchkas are no longer together, as are the 99's. This community will stay open despite such events.

The 99's Interview

The Devotchkas
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Devotchkas site

Devotchkas site
Devotchkas site
Devotchkas site
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